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Do you find your work meetings are neither timely nor productive?Organizations can waste approximately $75 million, yes million, per year in unproductive work meetings. That is a lot of money to simply waste because the facilitator just doesn't understand how to run a meeting.
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It's not always easy to keep our emotions in check, after all, we are only human.   But it is important to try your hardest. It's all about self-control and not letting your emotions take over. This is where emotional intelligence comes into play. It's about the ability to understand how to manage your emotions effectively - especially in the...
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As a leader, it is important to build trust with your employees. There needs to be mutual respect between a leader and their team in order for it to function properly and effectively.Being a leader is more than just telling people what to do - you need to understand each member of your team and know what they are capable of. It is important to...
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Do you understand what is appropriate behaviuor for the workplace? Not everyone does. Manners matter and having the proper business etiquette is essential if you want to move up the ladder. When you do not use manners or common courtesy, it shows a lack of consideration and professionalism.
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